Veils for Every Bridal Style

In the past, veils were meant to symbolize a bride’s modesty and even ward off evil spirits. Today that is not exactly the case. Veils are mainly used as bridal accessories, adorning your crown and completing the full bridal look. Indeed, this staple wedding headpiece can take an otherwise simple gown to a whole new level. Deciding whether you want to rock a veil on your big day is one thing, but choosing which type is another. From birdcage veils and mantillas to flyaways and chapel veils, there are many different lengths and styles you need to consider before delving into the veil selection process. First, consider your dress and how much of it you want to show off during your walk down the aisle. Second, consider what type of wedding you are having (rustic, classic, destination, etc.)—this will help you decide which style of veil will work best. Third, consider your height—the last thing you need is to be overwhelmed with layers of tulle on your walk down the aisle! Lastly, choose a fabric that is right for you. Veil fabrics can range from tulle to lace, so know what look you want to achieve (with your dress in mind) before choosing your veil. No matter what your bridal style, here are some fabulous options for you to check out!

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